Changsha, subordinate to Hunan Province, the capital of Hunan Province, referred to as Chang, is located in the north east of Hunan province, the lower reaches of Xiangjiang River and the Western Margin of Xiangliu Basin. It is the core city of the national comprehensive supporting reform pilot area for the construction of two-oriented society, and the political, economic, cultural, scientific and educational and business center of Hunan Province. It has a long history and culture of 3,000 years and a history of about 2,400 years. Because of the influence of Qu Yuan and Jia Yi, it is called "the hometown of Qu Jia". Changsha is also known as the "Famous City of Chu and Han". The excavation of Mawangdui Han Tomb, Zoumalou Tablets and other important cultural relics reflects its profound Chu culture and Huxiang culture. The Yuelu Academy, located at the foot of yuelu mountain, is a symbol of Hunan culture and education. Numerous celebrities emerged in the history, leaving numerous historical and cultural relics, becoming the first batch of national famous historical and cultural cities.

Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area
Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area is located in Yuelu district, Changsha, Hunan Province. It is 300.8 meters above sea level and covers an area of 35.20 square kilometers, the last peak of South Yue Hengshan among 72 peak, located in the Juzizhou Tourist Area, for the city mountain type scenic spot, is one of the four great maple resorts in China. Yuelu Mountain, located in the national first batch of historical and cultural city of Changsha Xiangjiang River West Bank, in accordance with four core scenic areas: the river city, the existing Lu mountain, Juzizhou, Yuelu Academy, Xinmin society so that it is the world's rare set of "mountain, water, city, state," in the integration of national AAAAA level scenic spots, national key scenic area, Hunan culture base and patriotism education demonstration base.

Black Elk Peak National Forest Park
Black Elk Peak National Forest Park is located in Wangcheng district, Changsha, Hunan Province, about 30 kilometers to the north of Changsha city.
As for the main peak of 590.5 meters above sea level, Shijia includes it in Changsha four famous mountains, Taoist includes it in the 36 Dongtian. The clouds and mist in the mountains are long and sealed. At the Peak, there is a Taoist temple during Tang dynasty, for Ming Dynasty Wanli four years (1576) to build a Buddhist temple, namely, Dongyang Temple.

Tianji Mountain National Forest Park
Tianji Mountain National Forest Park, also known as hunan forest botanical garden, is located in Dongjing Town, Yuhua district, Changsha, Hunan Province.
It covers an area of 140 hectares, with mountains and valleys, flat grasslands, open slopes and rippling lakes. The forest coverage rate is over 85%.There are Cherry Garden, Laurel Garden, Tea Garden, Bamboo Garden, Magnolia Garden, Cuckoo Garden, Plum Garden and Flowers Bonsai Garden.

Mawangdui Han Tomb, located in Changsha, central China's Hunan Province, is the tomb of Changsha Prime Minister, Li Cang, and his family in the early western Han Dynasty. From 1972 to 1974, archaeologists excavated three tombs of the western Han Dynasty here. The structure of the tomb is magnificent and complex. The wood coffin is filled with charcoal on the sides and the upper part.There are a lot of funerary goods in the tombs. More than 3,000 relics including silk products, silk manuscripts, silk paintings, lacquerware, pottery, bamboo slips, seals, clay seals, bamboo and wood ware, agricultural and livestock products, and Chinese herbal medicines have been unearthed. In addition, a well-preserved female corpse was also unearthed from the tomb, as well as a silk copy of the earliest prescription book "52 sick prescriptions", which can be seen so far in China.

Yuelu Academy
Yuelu Academy is located at the east foot of Yuelu mountain on the west bank of Xiangjiang River in Changsha, Hunan. It is a traditional Chinese academy building and one of the four famous academies in Chinese history. In 1988, the Yuelu Academy Complex was approved by the state council as the third batch of national key cultural relics protection units.

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